About Us

aboutRelocating is one of the most stressful activities in one’s life. It is especially difficult and burdensome to organize your own relocation or to be responsible for relocating your employees as there are always hidden costs and other unplanned or forgotten elements that occur cause panic and stress for everyone involved.

City Movers can help you save on those hidden costs and save you time spent on the activities of moving by acting on your behalf

City movers have been evolved as a reliable, trusted and efficient relocation people based in UAE. Since being established, City Movers has completed an untold number of successful moves for major companies as well as private individuals and families. We believe the most successful relocations are the ones that result in everyone feeling happily settled in their new homes from home. And that requires high levels of personal attention to detail: City Movers are highly concerned about the said factor.

We provide professional quality moves at a reasonable price. Our trained and experienced staff can move any office, apartment, or home in a safe and efficient manner.


To be the most trusted reliable and customer-centered relocation company this keeps always an edge upon others.


Simply, we deliver peace!